What Hypnosis Feels Like


When people think of hypnosis, they often think of what is referred to as ‘stage hypnosis.’ This is what you see on television, where the people fall asleep or forget what happened to them or something akin to those rather dramatic lines. Therapeutic hypnosis is nothing like that. You will not fall asleep, and you should remember everything or almost everything that happens during your session, although you may lose track of time. An hour can often feel like just a few minutes when under hypnosis. Yet even knowing this, people want to know what it actually feels like to be under hypnosis, especially if they plan on undergoing it themselves.

There are a number of different sensations that might be felt while under hypnosis, but all in all, it is an extremely relaxed feeling. Each person will experience something slightly different from what others have or will experience, but below is a list of sensations that are particularly normal while under hypnosis. You will certainly experience at least one of sensations and perhaps more, but not everyone will experience all of them.


  •  A relaxed feeling of warmth, perhaps akin to laying out in the sun on a warm day
  •  Your body may feel  heavier than normal
  •  Your body may feel lighter than it would normally
  •  You may make jerky movements akin to those people often make as they drift off to sleep. These jerky movements will not be painful in any way.
  •  Sound may seem to fade in and out, almost as though you were dozing off but trying not to
  •  You will sit or lay real still. You will not want to move. This is very much like when you get warm and comfy on your bed after a long day.
  •  You might ‘see’ colors.
  •  Despite your eyes being closed, your eyelids might flutter. This often happens when you are asleep, also, during the REM stage, although you are totally unaware of it when it happens at this time.
  •  You may notice that your breath has deepened, and the rate has slowed down. This is due to the fact that you are totally relaxed.
  •  You may experience a heightened sense of awareness in one or all of your senses.
  •  You might experience a floating sensation.
  •  You may find that you cannot remember the entire session. This is decidedly normal, but you will most likely remember most of it.
  • You will lose track of time. When the audio ends, you will most likely feel as though time went by much quicker than you assumed it did.

All of the above sensations are exceedingly normal, and they should not be uncomfortable in any way. It may seem odd or strange when you first experience it, but as you continue in your sessions (the exact number will depend on how quickly you progress in what it is you are trying to accomplish) you will come to enjoy the totally relaxed feeling you are able to experience.